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My debut novel, "Even Me", started out as a dream, and after six years of trials and tribulations, including switching editors, deciding to self publish rather than publish under a company, and suffering through a year of writer's block, it became a reality.


Once my dream was realized, it birthed a desire to help other aspiring authors achieve their dreams. Because of this, I now offer several services for authors, including:

  • Author Coaching, where aspiring authors can have someone to bounce their ideas off of, to assist with plot and character development, to help with story structure and flow, as well as to receive guidance all the way through to their book’s publication

  • Interactive editing, which includes developmental, line/copy editing, and proofreading

  • Basic formatting for paperback and eBooks

  • Alpha/Beta/Test reads, which has two different levels. Level One involves me reading the book and offering feedback in the form of a review that will be posted on the author’s release day. Level Two involves me providing detailed feedback throughout the manuscript (this covers all parts of the story: plot, characters, etc) as well as a review that will be posted on the author’s release day

  • Amazon Ads Crash Course, which involves a virtual training on five different ways to run Amazon Ads as well as training on how to track ROI (income versus spending)

  • Book Optimization Course, which involves a training on how to put your book in the best possible position for success in terms of choosing a cover, editor, and every other aspect of publishing a book

  • Book Publishing Course, which involves a training for publishing books on Amazon

  • Done-for-you Amazon Ads, where I submit the ads for the author

  • Done-for-you Publishing, where I publish the book for the author

  • Elite Ghostwriting Package, where I take the author’s ideas and bring them to fruition in the form of a published book


*Discounts are offered to repeat clients and those who choose to combine multiple services at once


I realize that every aspiring author may have different needs, so I am willing to offer services that will cater to each writer's specific needs.


If you are an aspiring author and would be interested in any of the above services, please don't hesitate to email me at We will discuss your goals and your needs, and we will figure out a price and a timeline that will work for you!

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