"Even Me" started out as a dream, and after six years of trials and tribulations, including switching editors, deciding to self publish rather than publish under a company, and suffering through a year of writer's block, it became a reality.


Once my dream was realized, it birthed a desire to help other aspiring authors achieve their dreams. Because of this, I now offer author coaching, where aspiring authors can have someone to bounce their ideas off of, to assist with plot and character development, to help with story structure and flow, and to do some editing and proofreading.


I realize that every aspiring author may have different needs, so I am willing to offer services that will cater to each writer's specific needs.


If you are an aspiring author and would be interested in any of the above services, please don't hesitate to email me at We will discuss your goals and your needs, and we will figure out a price and a timeline that will work for you!