I have been writing pretty much all of my life, but I never really made the connection that I could be an author until my 20's. My first published novel, 'Even Me', was actually the sixth novel that was written, but the first one to be released. One of the main reasons that I write is to tell stories that are not often told, and to allow my readers to hear voices that are not often heard.


I also have a commitment to truth, and for me, that means telling the stories in a realistic way so that everyone who reads them can find a character or situation that they can relate to. My overall goal with all of my novels is to reach people's hearts, draw them to Christ, and strengthen them in the faith. It is my desire that each of my books brings some level of healing, hope, and/or restoration for all who read them.

When Things Go Left



Tierra and Twon are the perfect high school couple, together two years with a rock solid relationship built on friendship and love. Twon wants to take it to the next level, but Tierra is struggling with her desire to please him and her need to stay true to a commitment she’s made to herself.


In the middle of this walks Shaneece, the new girl from Connecticut who knows an opportunity when she sees one. She’s ready to take care of Twon’s needs despite her friendship with Tierra, but a delicious bad boy named Hype is hooking her attention too. He’s a player, but he’s all heart — and he’s been like brothers with Twon since childhood.


The goody good in the group, Quaid, seems to have it all together on the surface, but he’s had his eyes on Tierra for a long time, though he can’t admit it to himself or anyone else. He spots an opening in the turmoil that works to his advantage, until it doesn’t. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and everyone’s belief in what’s real is tested more than they ever thought possible.


Even Me

PAIN . . . HOPE . . . CONFUSION . . . LOVE?

Not long after a group of college friends start their junior year, a series of events are set in motion that will change their lives forever…

Rondell is a good-looking, smart, confident young man who seems to have it all, but he hides the pain of his past. He grew up in the foster care system and experienced a series of traumatic incidents that rocked him to the core. He made it out of that life, but it hasn’t let go of him yet.

Faleesha has just transferred to this college to make a fresh start. She is focused on building her relationship with God and leading others to Christ, but she encounters many stumbling blocks – distractions, persecutions, drama, and a growing attraction to Rondell that excites her and scares her at the same time. 

Gesston has had enough. He’s grown up in church, and Jesus is all he knows. He has friends but no girlfriend, a good reputation but no street cred. He meets Faleesha and is convinced she is the woman for him.

Shelly’s been in a number of relationships, none of them good. She’s tired of players and wants true love, the kind of love her friend Rashonda has with Tyrone, but she just can’t seem to find her soul mate. Then Gesston asks her out, and Shelly is sure that she has found the man of her dreams. But Gesston can’t hide the truth forever, and everything unravels the more he tries.

Even Me, The Sequel


The gang is back, and the heat is on.


It’s their senior year of college, and Faleesha and Rondell are the perfect couple that all their friends envy, but they’re hiding secrets from each other. How long can they sustain this before the lid gets blown and they come face to face with some hard truths?


Faleesha’s friend Maria is having her own issues with Ty. They are friends with benefits, and she wants out of the situation, but every time she tries to break up with him, she finds herself stuck, even though she knows that when he’s not with her, he’s with any other willing female who falls for his sexy good looks and charm.


Rashonda and Tyrone are newlyweds, and it seems as if life could not get any better for them, but when conflict arises, they begin to question their marriage. Will they make it, or will the challenges overtake them?


Bethany is the new girl in their group of friends—perfect hair, perfect figure, perfect clothes, perfect Christian—or so it seems until the gang realizes she’s desperately hiding some serious flaws of her own.

Quick Reads

Betrayed.FINAL DRAFT.jpg
Betrayed... By My So-Called Friend


June is in an online relationship with the man of her dreams, Jermaine.


He is the first person she met that seemed to know her before they ever even spoke. Although they have never met in person, she is sure he is "the one"...


But there's only one problem: Her beloved 'Jermaine', isn't real. She is being catfished by someone very close to her; someone she thought she could trust.

A HusbandA BoyfriendAndA Side Dude.FINAL
A Husband, a Boyfriend, & a Side Dude


Ce'Anna and her husband, Trent, are nearing their sixth anniversary of marriage. Ever since they said 'I do', their romance was like a whirlwind.


That is, until Ce'Anna's first secret. Then her second.


Life is going crazy, and things are starting to 'get real'. Tensions continue to rise, until Ce'Anna is placed in a situation where she has to make a choice between the one she truly loves, and the one she's not sure about.

Uber 1.jpg
In Love With My Uber Driver


Sylvia can't get seem to past her trifling ex, Jamir, or her traumatic vehicle accident that left her psychologically paralyzed.


Dontrell is still stuck on his ex, Samiah.


Both seem to be nowhere near ready to try something new. But when Dontrell ends up being Sylvia's Uber driver, their lanes begin to shift in another direction...