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I have been writing pretty much all of my life, but I never made the connection that I could be an author until my early 20's. My first published novel, 'Even Me', was the sixth novel that was written, but the first one to be released. One of the main reasons that I write is to tell stories that are not often told, and to allow my readers to hear voices that are not often heard.


I also have a commitment to truth and to excellence, and for me, that means telling the stories in a realistic and sometimes humorous way so that everyone who reads them can find a character or situation that they can relate to. My commitment to excellence means that I strive to improve my craft with each work I publish. 


I write in a number of genres including Christian fiction and nonfiction, young adult fiction, urban fiction, contemporary romance, and of course, thrillers. In the past I released all of my books under the name Tanisha Stewart but in the future I will be diversifying my pen names for different genres. The Tanisha Stewart names will be reserved solely for thrillers moving forward.


The first new pen name I am launching is Neesh Santiago, which will be reserved for my Christian fiction and nonfiction, as well as my rap and spoken word albums. More information about Neesh Santiago can be found at


Check out my suspense/thriller collection below. 


Happy Reading!


What happens when dreams turn deadly?


Yana is a workaholic. She has noble aspirations but isn’t taking care of home. Meanwhile, Sasha, her new nanny, is more than ready to step in. Sasha and Yana’s husband, Shawn, get closer, arousing suspicion by Yana.

But there’s more to this nanny than meets the eye. More than what Yana bargained for.

Clean Up Woman is a gripping suspense thriller with jaw-dropping twists and turns you won’t see coming.


Should Have Thought Twice.jpg
Should Have Thought Twice (FREE!)

They say to always watch the quiet ones, because you never know when they might snap.


Shatina is a young woman with a troubled past and present. She lives in the shadows of her fraternal twin sister, who sucked up all the beauty genes, her best friend, whose seductive charm will sway any boy who listens, and her cousin, who is more than a knockout, but a force to be reckoned with.

Shatina feels like she has nothing going for her but her grades and her full scholarship to a four year institution of her choice… until someone comes along to threaten that.

Shatina has faced threats before, and little does anyone know, she has gained vindication over all of her enemies, one by one. Except this last one might be a bit more of a challenge than she bargained for.

Fooled Me Once.jpg
Fooled Me Once

Shatina’s done her dirt in the past, but she’s a changed woman now. She’s all set with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Seth, she’s pregnant with his child, and they are looking forward to a bright future.

Until it all comes crashing down.

Max hasn’t learned any lessons from his past deeds. He’s up to no good, and his latest project is his biggest one yet: to take down an up-and-coming politician, Brighton Miller. Max has high ambitions, but his plans keep getting stunted. He soon finds that he needs a woman’s touch to be successful, and that’s when he remembers his former nemesis…Shatina.

Shatina and Max’s worlds collide yet again in this action-based psychological thriller. A simple business transaction between former enemies segues into a budding romantic attraction…but that’s when things get weird. And dangerous.

Shatina and Max are in over their heads, but they may not realize it until it’s too late.

Never Saw Me Coming.jpg
Never Saw Me Coming


Shatina and Max are back for the third installment of the Quiet Ones series. Fooled Me Once ended with a shocking revelation, and although the unlikely duo worked together voluntarily last time, this time someone else is pulling the strings: Max’s ex-girlfriend, Sam.

With a potential murder charge looming over their heads, Shatina and Max are forced to make a risky decision – give in to Sam’s sinister demands, or turn themselves in to the police?

With nowhere to run to escape the potential backlash, Shatina and Max become hooked into Sam’s plan. But is there something else bubbling beneath the surface?

Something even Sam never saw coming?

Reap What You Sow.jpg
Reap What You Sow


Many come, plenty go, some are friends and others foes, but the fact still stands that you reap what you sow...

Readers were left in shock at the jaw-dropping ending of Never Saw Me Coming. This fourth installment of the Quiet Ones series picks up directly where book three left off.

Is Seth alive, or was he a figment of Shatina’s imagination?

On top of that, with Sam’s betrayal, and Buster’s sinister schemes, Max and Shatina have too much on their plates to think straight. As if that set of troubles wasn’t enough, something deeper and deadlier is lurking beneath the surface.

Will Max and Shatina find out what it is, and who’s behind it, before it’s too late? Or has their time run out on the stopwatch that’s been ticking toward their doom?

Surprise Surprise.jpg
Surprise Surprise


The crew is back, but the stakes are higher. Brighton Miller has Shatina’s sister and he offers a sinister ultimatum in exchange for her release.

Max and Shatina’s backs are against the wall, and all they have are Buster and Sam for support. Or do they?

With a race against time and evil oozing from every surface, Shatina and Max are in for the fight of a lifetime. Will they get Shatara back, or will Shatina lose her twin sister forever?

The Enemy You Know.jpg
The Enemy You Know


Max and Shatina thought after their last mission they would be done with Brighton Miller. How far they were from the truth.

His plans to ruin them are far from over and Max and Shatina are in a race against time to get him before he gets them.
The problem is, the crew isn’t the same and they don’t have a plan.

How will they get out of this one? And if they do develop a solid strategy, who’s to say they will all make it out alive?

Find out what happens in this action-packed, jaw-dropping finale to the Quiet Ones series.

Watch out for the Quiet Ones. You never know when they might snap.

Wrath (The 7 Deadly Sins)


Tony is a man after God's own heart. Saved from a past that was riddled with criminal activity, it is now his life's goal to build a future as a minister-in-training. With his beautiful wife, Meka, and their unborn child by his side, Tony feels life is complete.

Until he delivers his trial sermon, and tragedy strikes in the worst way.

Devastated by the blow he is dealt, Tony strives to shake it off and hold himself together. Tony clings onto hope, and things start to get better...until they get worse.

Dazed and confused with competing voices drowning his focus, Tony finds himself at his wits end. The Bible says that vengeance belongs to the Lord, but whose voice will Tony bow to - the Holy Spirit, or the venemous whispers of his flesh?

WIH Front Cover.png
Where. Is. Haseem?! A Romantic-Suspense Comedy


Ever been ghosted??

Well, Stephanie has, and it doesn't feel good. After a series of mishaps in the love department, Stephanie meets Haseem. They seem to hit it off and the chemistry between them is steadily building. Until... Haseem disappears.

Where did he go??

No one seems to know.

But Stephanie is determined to find out.

Follow this story of romance, suspense, and comedy as Stephanie tries to figure out how the man of her dreams could just vanish without a trace.

Caught Up With The ‘Rona: An Urban Sci Fi Thriller


Cordell's luck could not be any worse.

A young black man, a full-time student, doing his best to give back to his community by serving as a substitute teacher, only to receive an email which stated that his job would be suspended for the next three weeks due to the Coronavirus.

Frustrated about the situation, he vents to his lifelong friend, Jerone. Shortly after their conversation begins, they are approached by Markellis, a neighborhood hustler who always tries to sell Cordell and Jerone on his get-rich-quick schemes... But this one is different.

Cordell is pressed for cash, so he convinces Jerone to go along with Markellis' proposal.

No sooner than they say yes, Cordell and Jerone are swept up in an almost unspeakable conspiracy, with less than three weeks to turn it around...

Only it's much more than just Cordell and Jerone's lives that are at stake.

Everybody Ain’t Your Friend: An Urban Romance Thriller


They say you should keep your friends close, and enemies closer, but sometimes reality might be the other way around...

Mia thinks her life is completely normal. She has a loving boyfriend, great and supportive friends, and a close relationship with her mother. Things take an interesting turn, however, when she is almost run down by a car one day.

Then come the messages from an untraceable number.

Not to mention the heartbreaking secret that is revealed shortly thereafter.

Suddenly, everything that Mia thought was right in her life goes wrong. She has no idea why, but she needs to find out, before her secret stalker decides her time is up.

The Maintenance Man: A Twisted Urban Love Triangle Thriller


"Momma said don't play with fire, 'cause one day, you might get burned..."

Malachi is a self-proclaimed ladies man; others would describe him as a dog. He claims to be madly in love with his girlfriend, Zoe, but can't seem to stop talking to other women.

Everything appears to be going well for him, until the bodies start dropping.

Caught up in a race against time with too many suspects to figure out who's after him, it's time for Malachi to finally come clean. He wants to do the right thing, but his conscience is often clouded by bad decisions. Is there a chance for Malachi's redemption?

Or is he just biding his time until his number is called?

Messed With the Wrong One.jpg
Messed With The Wrong One: An Urban Romance Thriller


We all do things we live to regret, but when you mess with the wrong ones, you get what you get.

Junior cheated. Marlena is furious. She resolves to teach him a lesson. What starts as a simple act of revenge, however, quickly takes a dangerous turn. While Marlena is busy getting back at Junior, someone else happens to be planning a revenge of her own against Marlena. The deadly kind.

Marlena finds herself in a race against time to no longer change her man. Now, she has to save him. And herself.

Not What It Seems. Final.jpg
Not What It Seems: A Christian Romance Thriller


Sparks begin to fly between Priscilla and Raheem, but soon they will learn, all is not what it seems.

Priscilla moves across the country to escape a toxic ex who won’t let her go. Her mindset is healing, but within days of her arrival, she’s introduced to the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on: Raheem.

When Priscilla and Raheem's eyes meet, the chemistry is immediate. One would think they are a match made in heaven, and everything will go smoothly for them.


Because the closer Priscilla and Raheem get to one another, the more strange things begin to happen.

Sinister things.

What has Priscilla gotten herself into?

She’s locked into Raheem, and he wants her to stay, but as the song goes, jealousy is cruel as the grave… (Song of Solomon 8:6).

Every Voice - Bold.jpg
Every Voice Ain’t From God: A Christian Romance Thriller


A psychological thriller with jaw-dropping twists and turns, and characters whose antics will leave you speechless… A story about love gone right, then wrong.

Zakari has known Nicole was the one since high school. He prays about whether their relationship is meant to be and receives confirmation one night during a church service. Zakari and Nicole are getting married!

Until she breaks up with him the next day.

Zakari plunges into a pit of despair, then Nicole reaches out and tells him they can be friends, maybe rekindle their relationship after college? Elated, Zakari agrees and bides his time until he and Nicole can be together again.

But Nicole gets engaged to another man, and Zakari doesn't understand.

He and Nicole are meant to be - she just needs to see it.

And her fiancé needs to be eliminated.

Every Voice Ain’t From God is a twisted and page-turning tale about a man who will stop at nothing to have his woman’s heart. Including murder.

Vengeance Is Mine.jpg
Vengeance Is Mine: A Psychological Thriller


The best type of revenge is one they never see coming...

Dexter went to a party with someone he trusted, thinking he was about to have a blast. What started as a night on the town ended with Dexter's gut-wrenching screams for mercy. No one heard.

Mentally broken and internally scarred due to the devastation he faced, Dexter is running out of options.

Something snaps within him.

He knows what to do to ease his pain. Six men, and six months.

Just enough time to execute justice.

Vengeance is Mine is an unputdownable psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end.

December 21st: An Urban Supernatural Suspense

Flick is a regular guy, living a regular life, then the night of Thanksgiving came.

It all started with a conversation he had with his cousin Bru that got a little heated.

Tensions rose, but things calmed down when he went to his mother’s house for the family dinner.

Little did he know, that’s when his life would begin to shift in a direction that he never expected.

December 21st, Saturn and Jupiter aligning, competing belief systems… what did it all mean?

Nothing, Flick thought.
Until the first event.
Then the second.

Follow Flick’s journey in this Urban Supernatural Suspense as he tries to figure out exactly what’s going on.

Is he losing his mind?

Or does everything that is happening have a deeper meaning?

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